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Chakrasiddhijyothishyalaya strictly recommends that information, predictions, forecasts, and life or business trends provided by any of our Astrologer on the website, on phone, on email or Astrological blogs, or anywhere else should be taken as guidelines and suggestions only, they cannot be used as a substitute for advice, program or treatment that you would receive from a licensed professional. Chakrasiddhijyothishyalaya provides no guarantee, warranties, or assurance of any kind, and will not be responsible for any interpretation or use that be made of it.

Chakrasiddhijyothishyalaya cannot be made responsible for any claim arising out of negative / non-functioning of any Astrological advice/remedies provided by any of our astrologers. You may use your own discretion before relying on any prediction/s or remedies.

The predictions are based on the study, views, and experience of our astrologers, Another Astrologers opinion may differ on any particular point.

Chakrasiddhijyothishyalaya does not monitor or take responsibility for the age status of the visitors or callers using/buying our services/product, hence Chakrasiddhijyothishyalaya advises children (under 18 years) must take their parents to consent if they wish to purchase astrological consultation.

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Sütunlar güncellendi.
Sütunlar güncellendi.