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Need Pandit for Kaal Sarpa Dosh Puja in Hyderabad? We provide the best Online Naga Rahu Kethu Dosh Nivaran Yog Puja with remedies in Hyderabad, India for both North and South Indians. Kaalasarpa Dosha is one of the most influential doshas formed through the placement of two malignant planets Rahu and Ketu. These two planets are known for Karma and the karmic actions. The Rahu’s head which was cut during the nectar distribution by Vishnu, his body was separated and was placed at constellation as Ketu. These planets tend to rotate in reverse direction compared to another planet which moves in clockwise direction.

When all the seven planets are placed between these 2 planets is when you are said to have Kala Sarpa Dosha. The effect of Rahu and Ketu is so powerful that it reduces all the positive effects and their strengths.

Though this Dosha is considered as one of the influential one but its consequences are temporary and can be easily relieved with right guidance.  So what happens if one is affected by Kalasarpa Dosha and what are the impacts? How long does the dosha affect you? Rahu and Ketu when present in certain houses will encounter various kinds of troubles according to its presence. People who are affected by Kaalasarpa dosha will witness

  • Health & Family Problems causing reducing lifespan
  • Accidental chances with serious implications
  • Marriage Probles ,divorce and incompatibility
  • Unhappiness, Disappointment, Reputation loss
  • Involvement in criminal activities, secret enemies
  • Love Problem, Betryal by friends, Loss of childrens
  • Litigation loss, Property depletion, Court cases
  • Profession issue, Loss of job, Business loss
  • Political bumps and downfall.

These doshas are curable with the virtuous guidance of Pandit  Sri V M ShankarRao Shastri a best astrologer in bangalore. There is a particular pooja or ritual to be followed to get rid of these doshas. We have flexibility of getting it done at our place or it can also be performed at your abode as well.

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