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Top 10 Common Vastu Remedies For Defects In Your Kitchen

These Vastu defects related to kitchen put bad effect on health

Positive energy is very important in life. Friends, if we think positive then things in our life also turn positive. That is why the importance of positive energy increases more in our life. On the other hand, according to Vastu Shastra, the kitchen has a different relationship of positive energy.

Many people become the cause of Vastu defects in the house due to their small mistakes. In such a situation, all these friends should take measures to remove the information from them. Let us tell you today about the Vastu defects related to the kitchen, which can have a profound effect on your health.

Vastu defects related to kitchen

  • Cooking should be done in the east direction in the kitchen.
  • But if you cook food facing southeast direction then it can cause disturbance in your house.
  • It is said that one should not cook food without taking bath. Nor should you eat.
  • It has a bad effect on your health and you start getting fat.
  • Let us tell you that the members of the household may have to face skin-related diseases by facing the west direction.
  • The window in the kitchen should be towards the east.
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